Atomic is a Windows Media Player 8 skin that was included in Windows XP RTM and SP1. It has an unusual shape of an atom, with a cycling multi color play button, animation on the border and buttons. That button with a TV/Monitor symbol brings up a window with the Windows XP Flag on the bottom-right corner where is the resize corner. This window had a button with a TV/Monitor symbol that enables or disables visualization or video, a equalizer button that brings it to the bottom of the video, a visualization button that brings the visualization selector, and a Playlist button that brings the playlist. All these buttons mentioned earlier are on the bottom of the video window. On top there are two buttons:a triangle with the edge up that when you press go into the full screen mode and a X-shaped button that when you press it closes the video window.

It was removed in Media Player 9, but when you upgrade from Media Player 8 it will be preserved.