Musical Colors is a collection of visualizations designed for Windows Media Player. It first appeared in version 7 and then later on starting with Windows Media Player 9 it disappeared, because It had certain issues with certain video cards.

Musical Colors versionsEdit

  • - original with WinME 3D visualization.
  • - replaced with Ice Crystals visualization.


The difference between them is that version has a visualization called "WinMe 3D" and that version was bundled with "Windows ME". Version was bundled with "Windows XP". In version there was an unsupported visualization named "Ice Crystals". It was already the 3D visualization for version and "WinMe 3D" was already the unsupported visualization for version "WinMe 3D" displays colors of Blue, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. "Ice Crystals" displays the shades of light blue.

Names of the Visualizations in flavorsEdit

Night Lights, Colors In Motion, Aurora, Rhythmic Colors, Star Power, Electric Green, Soft Fire, Silky Wave, CutOut, Rolling Fire, Water Spray, Acid Rock, Hard Rock, Hot Spray, Yellow Swirl, Blue Flame, Critter Rock, Electric Rainbow, Neon Highway, and WinMe 3D(Windows ME) or Ice Crystals(Windows XP).